New IBOP starting January the 1st, riding and driving remain the same

A new IBOP Test will be introduced from 1 January 2021 onwards. This test is shorter and will be used for riding as well as driving. The make-up of this IBOP Test is such that the aptitude of the Friesian horse can be assessed to the max. The reason for replacing the present tests is the fact that the current riding test is considered to be too long. For a good assessment of the horses, without overloading them, the new test is now shorter. The current driving test was used as starting point. Moreover, we felt the need to use the same test for riding as well as driving.

Difference in canter

The chief difference is in the medium canter. The new test includes a few strides of medium canter. As with the trot, a few strides/jumps are sufficient for assessment of the horse’s capacity for transitions. The dressage boards around the ring will be removed for the under-saddle test, which will be ridden under the same circumstances as the driving. Dimensions of the ring for these tests will be 25 x 50 metres. The possibility exists to repeat certain exercises at the request of the Jury.

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