A brand-new year

Once, Corona was nothing but the quite innocent name of a flower shop in Leeuwarden. But these days hearing the word Corona does not transport me to visualisations of tulips or freesias. And most likely I’m not the only one. If we don’t watch our step Corona is going to take over our entire lives and nobody is going to be too pleased about that. Fortunately however, us lovers of Friesian horses are blessed with a wonderful hobby. And for some of us: even with a wonderful profession or business.

In the year behind us we have all proven to be stayers. Of course we keep complying with the prevailing Corona guidelines from the Government, but even in the face of those restrictions we made sure we could go ahead with as many important Studbook events as possible. And a positive extra: we have learned that taking a different approach to organising events can bring advantages. Presently, we are investigating and evaluating how to progress with all experiences and ideas. Because obviously, we are not continuing in the same vein as we always used to simply because we have always done it that way, but we keep focusing on what and where we can do better. The motto: investigate all things and hang on to the good ones. Meanwhile we know that the little hope we all had of enjoying a dazzling Stallion Inspection in January was shattered. No Stallion Inspection with the inclusion of the public, but luckily, a Stallion Inspection that will be streamed and therefore can be followed live on the internet by all, is still possible.

One topic that will feature prominently on the 2022 calendar is equine welfare and everything connected with it. We sometimes tend to think we’re doing everything right, but then research shows it would be still better to do things just a little differently. And we have to and especially want to, adopt an open attitude to that. We want the best for our horses, and for our people too. Sometimes it seems as though this is not always appreciated by everybody, but all our staff and volunteers dedicate their heart and soul to the KFPS. That should earn them gratitude and especially respect. And if there is anyone who has thoughts about how things should or could be done differently then please come forward. But please in a respectful manner and in all transparency. Because that is going to take us and particularly our Studbook further.
And at the start of a brand-new year I voice my wish that this will be a fantastic year for the KFPS and everybody connected to the Studbook.

Tineke Schokker

Chairman KFPS

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